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Apple Likely To launch As Many As Four 5G iPhone Models Says, JP Morgan

Now that its android rivals are launching one 5G handset after another, Apple is also gearing up to launch its 5G iPhone range- as per the latest news. A JPMorgan forecast report indicates Apple is going to up the ante by unveiling not one, but 4 of 5G capable handsets. The Cupertino based tech giant is facing the heat from rivals like Samsung, Oneplus, and others as their 5G handsets are already out in the market. Leading cellular services providers of the USA like Verizon and T mobile have started rolling out their 5G networks through the coverage can hardly be called extensive.

The JPMorgan analysts think Apple will unveil the new iPhones by 2020’s 2nd half though the exact timing of launch can’t be predicted. These models will have varying screen sizes, much in tune with the existing iPhone lineup. The JPMorgan report also reveals some enticing details on the next-generation iPhones. While these devices will be 5G ready, Apple will also include some stellar technologies to take the rivals by surprise. The largest of these devices with 6.1 inches display size, will have new sensor-shift technology. This will be handy for capturing high-quality videos and photos on the move.

The telecom sector is betting big on 5G technology, and it is expected to usher in a new era in mobile communications. This blazing-fast wireless technology will enable enhanced video streaming and additional Smartphone innovations. It will also be used to aid the adoption of IoT devices. After Apple launched iPhone 11, the critics were vocal on its reluctance to unveil 5G support given the fact the rivals have already done it. Apple is facing a slowdown in markets like India, where OnePlus and Samsung have an edge owing to its lower-priced premium models laden with the latest tech. Apple likely moves from Intel to Qualcomm for making components that led to the delay in adopting 5G in its devices. However, the reality is 5G adoption rate is yet to pick up. By the time Apple unveils 5G ready iPhone lineup, the US carriers will have better coverage.

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